For financial services companies

The Property Factory provides a fully compliant real estate agency framework, that legitimises the real estate sale process for Financial Advisors, Financial Planners, Mortgage Brokers and Accountants. Whilst this industry doesn’t typically sell real estate (unless licensed by the REA - Real Estate Authority), it is becoming more and more common for them to partner with companies who are licensed and specialise in investment property.

At the Property Factory we get regular referrals from Financial Service Providers at the time the client is looking to acquire an investment property as directed or advised by one of our partners. We look after and treat their clients like our own and have a referral programme in place that ensures our levels of service follow the same high standards. The Property Factory has a long history of working within the Financial Services sector and helping companies work through a structured process, that is compliant with the rules around financial advice as governed by the FMA (Financial Markets Authority). We understand and respect the fiduciary obligations that these financial professionals adhere to and we ensure that the real estate process is legally compliant with the REA and their advice is as complaint with the FMA. We take compliance seriously and ensure that any customer of our partners or ourselves, receive the required Disclosure Statements and the signed off Statements of Advice that is required, when giving personal advice as governed by the FMA.

The services that we offer these partners include:

Investment listings

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  • Digital access to exclusive, hand-picked and high-quality investment properties through our bulk acquisition services that meet client purchasing rules.

  • The supply of investor centric marketing collateral (branded under your colours and logos if required), that include macro and micro research on the location together with specifics about each property.

  • Branded investment reports (IR) and/or a website that enables partners to share investment listings with clients through their own marketing.

  • Templated and customised emails (eDM’s) that can be sent to partner client databases that are compliant with REA rules around marketing and property representations.

Licensing and compliance

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  • Access to our fully digital agency CRM to allow the monitoring of the client experience as they go through the purchase process.

  • Access to a contracts management platform that seamlessly enables partners to monitor their client’s settlement process including house and land construction progress from builder draw downs, valuer inspections, pre-settlement obligations through to property management hand over.

  • A seamless professional licensing service that is not visible to your client or an interruption to your existing business processes.

  • Licensed real estate salespeople (where required) to work with your client referrals and or staff one on one.

  • A customised solution to meet your in-house sales requirements.

The Property Factory recognises that every business will have a different set of internal processes. We will work within your existing framework to ensure as little change as possible is required to meet REA rules and compliance around the sale of real estate. 

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