For developers

The Property Factory provides builders with proven Off the Plan (OTP) packaging, promotion and selling solutions to investors, first home buyers and owner occupiers. We understand how important pre-sales are for the builder and their funder and will work quickly with our clients, to ensure that the sales programme isn’t hampered by a slower than desired sales rate. The earlier we partner the better, as we understand the heavy costs that builders carry in the early stages of the design and construction process. Pre-sales before construction are important to give funders comfort that a project is bankable.

Bridesdale Farm Queenstown

This includes;

Williams Corp Townhouses
Wellington apartments
  • Floor plan design and specification recommendations best suited for investors and first home buyers. This includes the ‘Home & Income’ product that The Property Factory has had 20+ years of hands on experience with multiple in projects across Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Wanaka, Cromwell and Queenstown.

  • The creation of investor centric marketing collateral including cash-flows, forecast capital returns, macro and micro research on the location, together with specific aspects of the location, house type and why it is a sound investment.

  • Development of tailored marketing plans to generate leads, qualify buyers and funnel purchasers to the appropriate sales channel or agent. This includes the facilitation of the client meeting with appropriate Lawyers, Accountants, Mortgage Brokers and Financial Advisors.

  • Wholesale and retail sales channel marketing including, and other relevant property portals to ensure all suitable investors and owner occupiers are targeted.

  • Investor, first home buyer and owner-occupier bus-tours that bring out-of-town purchasers, to the city the project is in, to meet the developer, to visit any show units and/or site visit (where possible). This includes visiting other locations/projects to compare inferior product against the subject project.

  • Coordinated in-the-room sales presentations in major locations where our purchasers reside throughout New Zealand.

  • Regular online sales presentations to our purchasers throughout New Zealand.  

  • Digital purchaser information management during construction.

  • Finance solutions for customers requiring pre-approvals prior to purchase.

  • Direct sales and sales management of 3rd party sales companies and agencies across New Zealand.

  • All REA compliance requirements around AML, Deposits, Pre-Settlement inspection and apartment handover.

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