Attend our Market Update and Property Strategy Workshops

Join us for a free workshop where we will share the simple, yet powerful formula we have learnt over the past 3 decades in the New Zealand property market. Find out exactly how to invest to maximise the next growth cycle.
Event book bonus: All attendees receive the 219 page NZ Property Guide Free (details below).

6:00pm: Registration 6:30pm: Workshop commences 8:15pm: Refreshments

Tuesday 30th Jul - Christchurch
The George Hotel

50 Park Terrace, City Centre

Wednesday 31st Jul - Wellington
QT Hotel

90 Cable St, Te Aro

Thursday 1st Aug - Auckland
Novotel Ellerslie Hotel

72 Green Lane East, Ellerslie

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The keys to mastering portfolio cashflow

  • How to accelerate replacing your current annual salary through property investing

  • How to pay off the average investment property mortgage 12 years faster

  • How to build a portfolio quickly without impacting your lifestyle

  • How to boost rental income on the same property by thousands each year

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How to build your property equity faster

  • Why buying wholesale is key to accelerating the speed of portfolio growth

  • How to triple your property equity in less than 10 years

  • How to profit from the affordability and sustainability focus

  • How we negotiate property up to 25% below market value

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Timing the market to maximise capital growth

  • Where to invest nationally to maximise growth in the next 3 years

  • The key markets to invest in for rapid wealth creation and the ones to avoid

  • Where to buy for cashflow and maximum growth

  • Why equity growth within 2 years of purchase is critical

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Lessons from a lifetime of investing*

  • Why starting at age 16 had a massive impact on the end result

  • The keys to building a portfolio that really does fund your lifestyle

  • Lessons, tips that I have learnt from both my own investing and from my clients

  • The risks involved in property investment and how to mitigate them

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Property market performance update

  • What’s next for Auckland and how do Wellington & Christchurch compare

  • 2019 property market results: winners and losers

  • The one to three year growth forecast for key New Zealand cities

  • Where is the property clock right now? Which locations have more upside?

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21st Century investing in New Zealand - how things have changed

  • The pitfalls and risks of buying older properties

  • Understanding the changing face of New Zealand real estate

  • How healthy tenants and a healthy economy help you

  • Why it’s smarter to avoid maintenance costs than buy a fix-up property

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Discover how to select deals that will supercharge your cash flow and help you build portfolio equity faster

Building a successful property portfolio is not a game of chance. If you apply the rules and strategies we teach, you will beat the odds and market averages and build a solid, sustainable profitable portfolio. It may take you the next 5 - 15 years, but it will set you up with cashflow and lifestyle choices for the rest of your life.

Speed comes from taking well researched steps in the right direction with every property you purchase

It’s not a race and you are not competing with anyone except yourself. We believe that every New Zealander has the opportunity to build an exciting future for themselves and their families and todays record low interest rates, rental income options and affordability focus, provide some of the best property investment opportunities that we have seen in our lifetimes. Many investors make ill informed, impulsive or poorly researched investment decisions and suffer avoidable set backs. If every step, every financial decision and every property you purchase takes you forward, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your portfolio grows.

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Property Strategy workshop free book Bonus

Attend and receive a digital version of the 219 page New Zealand Property Guide free

  • Why property is such a great investment and how property makes money for you

  • The mindset you need to be successful and set clear goals

  • The various property strategies and how they each may work for you

  • The ins and outs of tax and structures

  • The risks involved and how to mitigate them

  • How leverage works and how you fund your investments

  • The legal process and what due diligence you need to do

  • How to manage your property to ensure you get great long term results

  • And most importantly how to understand the numbers and maximise the profits you can make

Secure your Seats today, don’t miss out

All venues have limited seating and we have to set a maximum for for catering planning. Be sure to book early and secure your seats. You can reserve seats for family and friends by simply selecting the relevant booking button below.

Tuesday 30th Jul - Christchurch

Limited to 60 seats
The George Hotel
50 Park Terrace, City Centre

Wednesday 31st Jul - Wellington

Limited to 60 seats
QT Hotel
90 Cable St, Te Aro

Thursday 1st Aug - Auckland

Limited to 120 seats
Novotel Ellerslie Hotel
72 Green Lane East, Ellerslie

*Lisa Dudson will present in Auckland and Wellington only. A video link to a recording of Lisas presentation will be sent to all Christchurch event attendees within 7 days of attending.