Join The Property Factory team and our Platinum Members at this two-day Property Investment Retreat for a collection of expert sessions on the New Zealand property market and how to take maximum advantage of the changes, new developments and latest market information in the year ahead.

Our key note speakers will explore a range of topics including;

  • How international housing trends are impacting New Zealand and what to expect next.

  • Market growth predictions by city & region - where to invest and where to wait.

  • Designing your portfolio finance strategy - how to ensure you don’t run out of financial horsepower.

  • A blue print in how to get “from go to retired in 10-15 years with property”.

  • How to thrive in the years ahead with the changes to landlords obligations.

  • What the population growth forecasts mean for regional investment.

  • Emerging property markets in New Zealand, that will change rapidly with government focus on housing affordability.

  • The New Zealand economic outlook - what lies ahead globally that will impact you.

Retreat info:

Retreat dates: 5th - 6th December 2019

Times: 9am until late both days

Location: Queenstown

Venue: Details to follow

Retreat tickets:

Wholesale members: Singles $1,495 / Couples $1,995

Platinum members: Singles $0 / Couples $0

*Wholesale members can upgrade to Platinum Membership and then book and attend the Platinum Members Retreat for free.