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The Property Factory Podcast focuses on the changing New Zealand property market, new investment opportunities, changes to the investment landscape and updates to tax and tenant laws you need you need to know about. Whether it’s in the car, on the plane, in the train or on your bike; you can download and listen to the Property Factory Podcast and load up on tips for building a great property portfolio. The podcast is hosted by The Property Factory team with regular invited guests for interviews on key topics that will help keep you abreast of changes in the New Zealand market and opportunities for wholesale investment. Listen to all episodes below or subscribe free here with RSS, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or Spotify to get the latest episodes

Episode 4 - John Kenel: Successful Hamilton Investor & Developer

John Kenel Assured Property Investments

John Kenel has been investing in the Cambridge and Hamilton property market in New Zealand for more than 30 years. As investor turned developer he shares his advice, experience and tips on both investing successfully and designing and building new property to match the needs of your customers; both the tenant and the investor.

As an investor John has kept every property he has invested in and he swears by knowing your market, zeroing in on your niche and being the best at it. As the founder and managing director of Assured Property Investments and one of Hamiltons leading property investment focused developers, John has built an excellent reputation for building quality, great investment numbers and customer happiness.

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Episode 3 - Webinar - Christchurch Focus / Building a Portfolio

Christchurch Focus Episode 3.jpg

There is a simple powerful formula that Campbell Venning has learned over the past 30 years in the real estate market in New Zealand and he has watched it impact the lives of hundreds of investors he has have worked closely with.
Listen to this webinar to discover:
- How you can build a portfolio of 5 properties and retire on $300k-$400k a year in rental income
- Find out which markets to invest in next in NZ to ride the next growth cycle.
- How to get into the property market as a first home buyer for less than $6,000
- How to buy property thats $20k - $100k below independent registered valuation
- The latest economic research on the property market and what it means for investors.

This combination of creating equity when you buy, achieving above average capital growth and maximising cashflow with high quality properties, that earn premium rents from happy tenants, with minimal maintenance costs sounds simple….. but its not, let me teach you how.

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Episode 2: Project release: Discounted Christchurch Townhouses

Karamu Episode 2.jpg

This week I catch up with Campbell Venning to discuss the brand new discounted Karamu 2 & 3 bedroom townhouse project we have just released in Christchurch. With discounts of up to $32,000 and settlement in March 2020, they are great investments on health rental yields in a prime location.

Karamu is a unique and first of its kind investment opportunity in Christchurch. Developed on the edge of the oldest racecourse in New Zealand on reserve land, it has a stunning a backdrop for tenants and owner occupiers alike. Built by a highly successful and respected building company thats operated in Christchurch for more than 50 years, this boutique project is in stage 1 of a 5 stage development.

Campbell talks about the issues and opportunities in Christchurch 8 years on from the earthquakes and what’s changed dramatically about the city in this new real estate era. If you want to find out more about the project?

Episode 1: bulk wholesale property sourcing for investors

Campbell Venning Episode 1.jpg

An interview with The Property Factory founder – Campbell Venning, on what inspired him to create the Property Factory’s; bulk wholesale property sourcing model, more than a decade ago and the types of property opportunities he focuses on sourcing for his clients. Campbell touches on some of the pitfalls to watch out for when buying off the plan, the key issues a typical investor would never ask about and why developers and builders want to work with The Property Factory, instead of just selling through real estate agents or directly.

Campbell shares why due diligence is so complex when critiquing new projects and explains the evolution of investors away from buying older property and into brand new stock to minimise maintenance and offer better-quality dwellings to tenants. He shares his 1-3 year outlook on the New Zealand property market and where he sees the geographic opportunities are next for investors. Campbell gives insights into some of The Property Factory projects in the pipeline, that the team are doing due diligence on at the moment.