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Why do I need a property acquisition strategy Report (PASR)?

When you join The Property Factory as a Platinum Property Member, we’ll tailor our services to where you are today and your future financial goals. If you’re a new investor, we’ll take a different approach to what we do for our clients that are more experienced, higher net-worth investors. It's not a ‘one size fits all’ approach at The Property Factory.

Property Acquisition strategy report

To help you get started, we need to gather some information from so we can create a Strategy Report that gives you choices and options that are most likely to best match your circumstances. This information is kept confidential and not shared with any third parties. If you want to share it, thats your choice, but it’s up to you to do so.

Request your strategy Report

Once you submit the required information, our team will crunch the numbers and send you a Property Acquisition Strategy Report with a range of investment strategies and property types that will best match your circumstances and help you best balance cashflow and equity, to ensure you keep setting yourself up for your next property purchase.

Asset Structure

Once you have clarity around your strategy its a good idea to meet with a tax and accounting property investment specialist, to make sure you have the best structure in place to match your medium to long term goals. While you don’t want to create unnecessary expense, it’s smarter to set yourself up for success with the right structure at the start as it will save you extra costs and headaches later.

Financial health check

This is not a financial check, but the next step is to talk to your favourite banker or mortgage broker to find out exactly what your borrowing ability is, so you can work out your next steps with property acquisition.

First things first, fill in and submit the form on the right (ball park numbers are okay at this stage), and use this information to prepare a 6 page Property Acquisition Strategy Report and email that out to you within 7 days.