Are you Ready financially for your next Purchase?

Once you have your Property Acquisition Strategy Report complete, you next step is getting finance sorted.

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Financial Health Check

Getting market ready

If you are planning on building a property portfolio, you will need a finance strategy thats aligned with your structure. Income, expenses, assets, liabilities, your character and financial habits all affect your ability to borrow money to buy property. Our partners can provide a financial health check for you so you know exactly where you stand, your options, next steps and potential borrowing ability so you can confidently move forwards with your first or next investment.

poor financial habits

Whether your income is too low, your expenses are too high, you don’t pay your bills on time or you fail to stick to a spending plan, poor financial habits can did you a big hole and stop you moving forwards. Mastering money management is critical to your success, especially as your investing adds extra complexity to your life.

getting finance wrong

Setting up your finance strategy with your end goal in mind is critical from the outset. We recommend dealing with an experienced mortgage broker who is loyal to you as a client not to one bank. When you place all of your eggs in one basket by doing all of your lending with one lender, you are at risk of running out of borrowing power sooner, and/or increasing your risk with the cross-securitisation rules they’ll apply to your assets as a whole ( personal / home/ business / investments ).