Helping first home buyers become: first home investors

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At The Property Factory we specialise in helping First Home Buyers become First Home Investors instead. By helping First Home Buyers choose the right first home, they can turn it into an investment property, when they are ready to move to their next home.

This stepping stone gets you up and running with your 2 property portfolio within 3-5 years of getting on the property ladder. Imagine going from First Home Buyer to Portfolio Owner that quickly. By starting off with the right property acquisition strategy, you’ll accelerate your financial growth. Imagine how life will be in 10 years time if you own 5 investment properties that are producing weekly cash profits and a portfolio worth a few million dollars, thats going up in value each year at a greater dollar value than what you earn personally.

Imagine the freedom you have when you are no longer need a day job to pay the bills…

At The Property Factory we believe all First Home Buyers and First Home Investors should buy or build new property and here’s why;

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How soon can you buy? Use the  First Home Buyers  calculator to find out.

How soon can you buy? Use the First Home Buyers calculator to find out.

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  1. Get $20,000 in deposit assistance - With the First Home Grant you can access up to $10,000 per individual / $20,000 per couple towards your initial deposit.

  2. Get started with less than $12,000 - When you finance through the HCNZ Welcome Home Loan or selected mortgage brokers, you can borrow 90-95% of the purchase price, leaving you $5,000 to $12,000 to contribute in personal savings to get into a $400,000 - $500,000 property.

  3. Faster equity creation - The Property Factory access new property at wholesale prices in early stage developments which often means, you can create $20,000 to $50,000 in additional equity before you even move into the property.

  4. Higher resale value - If you decide to sell in future, you’ll own a property that will appeal to both home buyers and investors. This gives you more buyers to choose from when selling.

  5. Multiple designs - You have the ability to select from designs and styles that best suit your families’ needs.

  6. It’s brand spanking new – With your new home there are no scratches, no stains, no cracks, no faults, no repairs required.

  7. Its clean - It smells new and every surface is clean. No odours, no mildew and no lasting memories of the last owners.

  8. It’s guaranteed – Your house will come with a 10 year Master Builders/Certified Builders guarantee.

  9. Banks lend more - Under the LVR rules when building, you only need 10% deposit, instead of 20% when purchasing existing second hand property.

  10. It’s healthier – through better insulation, efficient design and modern materials your home will be drier, warmer and healthier. Healthier families spend less at the doctors.

  11. Lower maintenance costs - There are few if any maintenance costs for first five to ten years of owning a new home, which is money that stays in your pocket.

  12. Modern living is more fun - Enjoy the benefits of modern design with walk in wardrobes, heat pumps, double glazing, LED lights, high tech wiring and air conditioning.

  13. Double glazing - Double Glazing is the single most important energy feature of a new home as it not only maintains a more constant temperature, so saves money on heating costs but it also acts as a significant sound barrier which is important on smaller sections or if close to traffic noises..

  14. New local amenities - Buying in a new or emerging area brings the benefits of increased commercial infrastructure, eg shopping centres, supermarket, cafes, restaurants, public transport and schools; that are designed for the way we live today.

  15. New Infrastructure drives up values - New infrastructure has the effect of increasing capital gain at a faster rate.

  16. Easier to sell – Your home will be easier to sell. Not only will it have the latest fixtures and features but because it has been built under more rigid and robust regulations it will be seen as a safer financial option than the homes built during the leaky building era or that have been through earthquakes for instance.